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Article from Elizabeth Weintraub, The Balance Publication

A reader asks: I’ve spent a lot of time and money doing exterior remodeling of my home, plus a sizeable remodel of the master bath. However, the rest of my 22-year-old home needs attention inside. The bath upstairs has dry rot and is dated. The kitchen, likewise, is so 1980s. We have fairly new appliances, but the counters and cabinets probably need replacing. Should I fix up my home or try to sell it as is?

Answer: This is one of those questions where the answer depends on variables such as condition of competing inventory, whether it’s a hot, cold or neutral real estate market and the likelihood of return on investment.

In my experience, many sellers put way too much money into fixing up their homes for sale. They make repairs a buyer may never notice or will not pay extra for. Talk to your agent before making any repairs and please make sure your agent is experienced and qualified enough to provide cohesive answers on which you can rely.

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